The Belvedere Maintenance team is trained to follow a stringent set of lab- and server room-specific procedures and protocols. Developed over our many years working with technology firms, laboratories, medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies, our specialty services ensure strict confidentiality to protect both your equipment and your sensitive information.


  • cleanLABS certification to ensure that the highest health and safety standards are met.
  • Cleaning and sterilizing labs and equipment with industry-proven products to guarantee a pathogen-free environment.
  • Use of disinfectants and sterile uniforms prior to entering labs.


  • Cleaning ventilation and cooling system filters to prevent servers from overheating.
  • Use of special waxes on floors to prevent static from damaging computers and other electronic devices.
  • Cleaning computer hardware with advanced equipment specifically designed for this purpose.


The cleanLABS certification was created to ensure complete transparency and to guarantee a safe, secure and pathogen-free work environment.

All of the work performed by our team is documented to include:

  • A description of the work.
  • The dates and times the work was performed.
  • A list of the products and methods we used.

So when you see the cleanLABS logo, you can rest assured that your facility was cleaned and sanitized to the highest possible standards while ensuring complete confidentiality and security.

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